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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty procedure

Bluegrass warrants its helmets for a 2 year period from the original date of purchase to be free from defect in both material and workmanship for the original owner. To apply for the warranty request, the helmet should be returned to the retail location from where it was purchased for inspection, or sent to Bluegrass at your own cost. Helmets must be returned in proper individual protective packaging with a detailed description of the claim, along with an original proof of purchase. If the helmet is found to be defective it will either be repaired or replaced with the nearest helmet model in price, size and color available at Bluegrass's discretion.

The warranty does not apply to helmets that have not been used properly according to the Bluegrass helmet owner's instruction manual. The warranty does not cover damaged caused by accidents, abuse, negligence, incorrect adjustment or for uses other than that intended by the manufacturer. Any modification made by the user will render the warranty null and void. The warranty does not cover damages due to excess heat exposure such as direct, extended presence in a car window, or wear and tear of the comfort pads of the helmet even within the 2 year warranty period.
Proof of purchase showing the date is needed for the helmet to be covered under the guarantee.

Crash replacement service

If your Bluegrass helmet is damaged in a bicycle accident within 2 years of the original date of purchase, Bluegrass proposes to replace it at a reduced cost. To receive advice of the exact cost of a new replacement helmet and information on how to proceed, contact the Bluegrass distributor of the country where you bought the helmet. Check our website to find the distributor contact in your country. The damaged helmet shall be sent to the distributor, freight prepaid, with a proof of purchase, a description of the accident and will be replaced with the nearest model in price, size and color available in the current product line. The crash replacement program is only valid once per purchased helmet.

Access to our products and services in different part of the world

Please contact the retailer from whom you bought the gloves.
You will find the full list of our international distributors on our website, please contact your national distributor.


Wash the helmet by hand. Only use water and mild soap. Take out the inner pads for easier drying.

Spare parts

The pads, like other parts of the helmet, may have been modified over a model’s lifespan. They will work just as well on your helmet if not better.
Spare parts for our helmets can be bought directly from our shop.
The securing buckles for our helmets are not available as spare parts. Fitting by a non-professional could seriously endanger the safety of the cyclist.


Any information that we can disclose about the development of our products is already available on our website.

Where can I buy/find?

The list of our international distributors and our retailers is available on our website.